Lightning Pictures

Well this page is growing with more Customer images I was originally using my Canon 300D fitted with a Lightning Trigger. Now I have upgraded my camera to a Nikon D7000 and have added some more recent shots. These shots show a steady improvement in my capture quality as I take more shots.

This trigger is an item that I have made and am selling them on E-Bay. I was testing and refining the system before I offer them for sale. Now I am happy with the results and have been selling these for a while now with great Customer feedback. Its great to make a product that really helps people get nice shots without complicated setups. I know I am up against the China imports, but offer a simple product that really does as it should. I also offer full local support and a lifetime warranty. You really can’t do better than that for the price.. Please enjoy looking at the great images people are getting.

Update!!! DSLR Lightning Trigger Avaliable for Purchase. Only $99.00

Via E-Bay or online at the Ice In Space Forum Store

Visit the Store to purchase by clicking link below

I am very pleased to advise that my Lightning triggers are now avaliable for sale on E-Bay for just $99.00 plus $7 Postage. You just need to do a search for my seller ID: blackwidowant or search for DSLR Lightning Trigger.   After testing I am more than happy with the results and will supply them as a full kit with hot shoe mounting as well a rain cover to protect your camera. Thier are more details on the listing page and hope in time to be able to offer direct purchase via this site. You can also contact me via this blog page if you want more information. You can also purchase via the Iceinspace site linked above in green. Sometimes when I am away I don’t have listings on E-Bay but ice in space shop stocks them…


Please note that Philips SPC900NC Astro Webcams are now no longer avaliable.

DSLR Lightning Trigger

DSLR 003

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Here is a selection of some of my Customer images that have been taken using my DSLR Lightning trigger that is now available on E-Bay from user ID: blackwidowant, and also at this link   The great advantage of shots taken with a trigger is that Daylight Lightning shots are able to be captured and this is not possible with long exposure methods. These shots are a great example of what can be achieved from a digital camera with little or no photographic experience (however knowledge always helps). Why not try one of my triggers yourself and have your images posted on the site?

I thank those that have been kind enough to send me thier images and request that these images are copywrite and are not to be used in any way. They remain the sole property of the owner and I have been given sole permission to display them on this site.