Meade Field De-Rotator

I will be adding some pictures and information soon about the Field De-Rotator and using it with an LX200. I have posted a single image that was taken using the De-Rotator. This image is of the Eta Crina Nebula. I will also in the future by trying some guiding alongside of De-Rotating. I have been told that it can’t be done, but I am not so sure. I have been talking with others that have done this. As long as the guide star is in center of the guide camera it should work (Not so easy). However for those that just want a simple point and shoot without the need to polar align, this is the answer. Purchase of a wedge is around twice the price (new), however you may still have to guide. This requires the use of a smaller telescope mounted on top of your LX200 (or other) Telescope with a guide camera or Webcam fitted to it.. The cost begins to add up. When I purchased my De-Rotator in 2009 it cost me around $450AU and put me into the image game fast.

If you would like a copy of the Meade 1220 Field De-Rotator instructions here it is in a PDF for you to download. Meade 1220 Instructions

Below are some images of my De-Rotator as well as images of it fitted to my scope with my QHY8 Camera. When I first started I used my Canon 300D for all my image taking. Most of my first images were not very good but improved over time.

Click on each picture for a larger view and an explenation of the details of the image.

for a Description within the images, please click on them and select the Permalink button at the botton of the picture page



3 comments on “Meade Field De-Rotator

  1. Hi, I have just visited your webpage since I am also starting on astrophotography and I am thinking of using a Meade 1220 derotator, and i guess only you and a couple of other people have written that they have used it successfully for long exposures. I have basically been imaging in alt-az just to practice focusing and centering images and I totally agree with you that the most I can get from my Meade LX200GPS is 40 second exposures without field rotation. I have noticed that you have worked a way to rid yourself of the annoying field derotator beeping, by installing a switch. I would like to do that as well, as mine beeps in the dead of the night and annoys me. Can you advise me where to solder the beep kill switch wires, or provide me with a couple of pictures of the derotator board where you soldered the said wires? Any help is very much appreciated.


    • Hi Phivos.
      I no longer have the De-Rotator so I can’t send you images. However it is real simple to do. You will see a small beeper on the board. all you need to do is cut one track or leg from the peeper and re-=connect it again via a small switch of your choice. The switch will have two or 3 pins. If it has two you just pass the connection via the two pins. if it has 3 pins, you pass via the middle pin and one end pin. That’s it! The switch simply makes a break in the connection and disconnects the beeper… just the same as cutting the wire and joining it again.. If you did not want the beeper at all you could just cut the pin and not fit a switch.. The unit will be silent….


  2. Thanks a lot Martin, I will get on it as soon as I go home. I want to start doing some astrophotography and want to play a little bit in alt-az before I go to a polar setup. Many thanks!


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