My Equiptment

My current setup is a Meade LX200 GPS 10″Scope. It is mounted on a Wedge with a Vixen VMC95L stacked on top as a guide scope. My main image camera is a QHY8 and my Guide camera is a Meade DSI11Pro. I also use Canon 300D for wide field imaging and star trails. I have in the past used my Philips SPC900NC as a guide camera and in the early stages for image capture. I still find the SPC900NC one of the best options IMO for planet imaging and a must have in your kit. I have also used my system in Alt Az without the Wedge and have taken some great shots using the Meade Field De-Rotator. Their are limitations to where in the sky you can image due to the lack of clearance in the fork arms. But don’t be put off with a De-Rotator as they work very well and I will be posting information about this on my De-Rotator page.  As with many people I have many adaptors and add on’s that we all seem to acquire in the endeavor to get great pictures…


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