My First Attempts

This page is the one that most sites never ever show.  After all who wants to show people your bad shots? Well I do! I think
you need to see what you will most likely get on your first attempts. If you get great shots at the start that’s fantastic, but I did not and most people won’t. I guess if you get good shots at the start you will think that you have it in the bag. However when the shots don’t work out it forces you to find out why.. Having good polar alignment or a De-Rotator is the key as you will not be able to get more than about a 30sec exposure from your telescope. The Meade instructions will try to make you believe that you can get more, but you just won’t. What is even worse is that most people will want to save money when they are starting. I purchased a Long Exposure webcam to start with. However they need longer time to get good exposure so the problem is made worse. A Digital SLR is the best way to start and the older 300 400 450 Canon camera’s work very well. They can be purchased on E-Bay at low prices these days.. You should still get yourself a Philips SPC900NC Webcam for planet work. I sell these currently on E-Bay and will be offering them later on this site. I sell full planet and Long Exposure kits out of Australia.

Have a laugh on me. Here are my fist images (some of them) There were lots and lots of failures. Remember to click on the images to see a larger image.